Comcast Data Caps Spreading the word before it hurts everyone

Comcast Data Caps

This small site will show you information about Comcast's upcoming data caps and how you can help to stop them from making that a reality.

What is a Data Cap?

A data "cap" as it is called is a limit that can be reached by using a given amount of bandwidth. If you have trouble imaginging it, think about a bottle that can only get so full. Once that bottle is full you can't put more things in it.

However, the internet is fundamentally designed in such a way that this makes no sense whatsoever.

Comcast intends to change how your internet connection works by limiting how much data you can consume in a month unless you pay them more money.

There are support documents linked above that you should read through.

What you can do

Mirror this site to as many places as you can. Download and seed this torrent that contains most of the site information.

If you are a comcast customer (I sadly am one), please file a complaint with the FCC. Legally they must reply to all of these comments and justify their actions to the FCC. Attaching these leaked support documents makes their job of explaining their unethical and unjust buisiness practices much harder for them to get away with.

Boycott NBC. Comcast owns them and not watching their channel will make them earn less money.


/u/littlerabbitfoofoo on Reddit

10 years ago, when these companies disclosed their cost per gigabyte, it was 1 penny ($0.01 USD). Today, it is far less, because of/ economies of scale and deals between providers at all levels.

But let's use that number as a worst case scenario.

After reaching the 300 GB cap of "unlimited data" you will be charged $10 for every extra 50 GB.

So, that 300 GB of data costs Comcast 300 pennies, or $3. For which you pay anywhere from $50-100 for. Even accounting for customer service, equipment (that taxpayers paid for, ahem), etc. that still represents an insane markup no matter how you look at it.

But this is a better gauge.

That extra 50 gb costs them 50 cents, or $0.50. For which you pay them $10. It's the same infrastructure/hardware, customer service, etc. They don't give you anything more. Don't change anything at their end. Nothing at all changes whatsoever for delivering you 300 GB or 350 GB. Therefore, that 50 GB is sold to you at a 2,000% (aka 20x) markup at a minimum.

The truth is that the spend probably 1/10th of that now, compared to a decade ago.



/u/AeroFox on Reddit

So if my 2TB hard drive crashes it will cost me $340 (2TB - 300GB / 50GB x $10) to recover it from the cloud. Ouch.


/u/BobOki on Reddit

And that is bullshit. Back when the caps first hit Savannah, Ga we had HUGE issues with this stuff, and proved that both the home owner and the person logging on get hit for usage. We also proved that their bandwidth counter is completely bullshit, as it is hard to download 20gig when your modem is unplugged, but it happened.


/u/Kingbdude on Reddit

"Customers in non-trial areas currently have a 250GB data cap, though it is not currently being enforced"

Are you fucking serious? So they are throwing this language in so that at the drop of a hat they can start screwing people, which will ALMOST CERTAINLY HAPPEN WITH NO NOTICE.

PLEASE for the sake of everyone if you also live in a "non-trial" area COMPLAIN TO THE FCC ABOUT THIS.



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